Me and Myself


Here I stress the deepest psychology of a person. The aim is to investigate the inner conflicts that an individual can experience in the course of her life and how she can deal with or overcome them. In fact, the paintings show the two faces, meant as the two personalities that each individual has in herself, less or more clear, imagining that they continually overlap until the person is fully aware of them in order to assume control. Here I try to put on to canvas this theory of the double personality in one person, when desires and needs often continue to exist even if they are apparently irreconcilable, or opposed to each other. The subjects in my paintings are trying to conceive this phenomenon as a play of forces that takes place in their psyche, as the expression of tendencies oriented towards a purpose, operating together or against one another. What the subjects strive to achieve is therefore a dynamic conception of their own psychological phenomena.


120 x 90 cm. / Oil on Canvas


100 x 80 cm. / Oil on Canvas