I strongly believe that female characters should express the need for emancipation and freedom. That’s why in this series of paintings I want to point out a unique woman in history and how we can understand and take her as an example today. Nefertiti was a woman of great beauty, intelligence, and power and a queen who shocked the Egyptian world. She married Akhenaton and she always supported and helped him in the foundation of a revolutionary religion, venerating only one god. I was fascinated and inspired by this powerful woman, seeing her as a symbol of feminism. In fact, with her power and vision, she was able to change the world. After studying her life and actions in history, I started to feel the will to represent her and build upon her figure, creating a new charismatic and active woman that may take power in the future. Now, throughout my paintings, I want to let people know how women were well considered and respected in Ancient Egypt. In my historical paintings, important political messages can be discovered by referring to the highly developed culture and heritage that remains.