The Queen of Gold 



In this series, I was inspired by the paintings of Klimt, who was, in turn, influenced by Egyptian paintings. Klimt was fascinated by the evocative power of the symbolism of ancient Egypt after an existential crisis, in 1892. By this time he had begun to define a new style, oriented towards a more ornamental and decorative taste, of seductive and allusive approach rather than descriptive and realistic. In particular, he draws from Egyptian art the concept of aligning the figurative subjects in narrative sequence. I created this second series of Nefertiti showing her as more than a woman, more powerful. What I want to emphasize now, is her capacity of controlling one of the most powerful empires at world level at her time, the Egyptian Empire of Nefertiti. The impact created by the gold in my paintings aims to highlight the power and richness of her empire and the strength of her actions that made it possible for her to rule as Queen.